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Frequently Asked Questions



Centric Behavioral Health is committed to making a difference in patient's lives. This requires spending time with each patient to assess symptoms, diagnose, and prescribe medications or other treatment modalities. A discussion about risk and benefit of medications is always reviewed so there is clear understanding of use--the "why am I taking this medication?" 


Our treatment plans are also a team approach! Team= NP Hickman and you!  

We don't want you to leave the office more frustrated than before you came in to see us--you will have a voice in your care and treatment.


We also discuss sleep, nutrition, utilize screening tools and when requested, genetic testing. This is all done in one session, so in order to provide these individualized services we cannot utilize the same method as those who see 15+ patients a day. 


We do provide you with a SuperBill to submit to your insurance company as an Out of Network reimbursement and take HSA and FSA cards as well as all major credit cards. 

We're sorry, cash or checks are not accepted.


According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCBSN), Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are governed by the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) consensus model- a set of regulations outlining the preparation, accredited education, licensure, and certification required prior to becoming independent practitioners. According to the consensus model, "all APRNs are educationally prepared to provide a scope of services across the health wellness-illness continuum as defined by nationally recognized role and the population-focused competencies. There is abundant evidence that NPs provide high quality healthcare. In fact, AANP's Quality of NP Practice article summarizes evidence that patients under NPs have higher satisfaction, fewer unnecessary ER visits, fewer hospital readmissions, and fewer preventable hospitalizations compared to patients under physicians.